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Waterside Women


Our Story

After the university and studying thearter African art and history in the university in Nigeria I migrated to the United States in 2015. 

During my stay here i have discovered two things, the best way to reach the American dream or your dream anywhere in the world and the that i am destined to help the my people, the people who have roots connected to my land to unite and fix what has been broken.

To do this we must learn to live like our people again, and help to repair the damage by providing the financial power that is available in the world through the journeys we have all embarked on through the grace of Eledumare.  

Bead4change is a business model that only works through the collaboration of the universe and its highest creations. while sustaining a lifestyle of peace for our citizens both home and abroad. 

Finances is a big variable but there are other things that are more important. 

first we must have one house, one mind, one heart and one goal. that goal is a future of peace and one where we can live as one with nature . 

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