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Mission: The mission of Jawii is to showcase the rich and vibrant Yoruba culture to the world while actively investing in its growth and development. We strive to enhance the beauty of Yoruba culture by supporting local businesses, both in Yoruba land and in the diaspora, and investing in agriculture. Through financial support, promotion, and empowerment, we aim to challenge the misconceptions and fears that have hindered the progress of our culture. By demonstrating the potential of a prosperous Yoruba economy, we seek to inspire global support and collaboration to help build a thriving community.

Vision: Our vision is to create a world where the beauty and richness of Yoruba culture are recognized and celebrated. We envision a society where the contributions of Yoruba people, both within and outside Yoruba land, are valued and acknowledged. Through sustainable investments in agriculture and entrepreneurship, we aim to uplift communities, provide food, shelter, and education, and foster economic growth. By promoting businesses owned by our people, we strive to create financial abundance that benefits not only individuals but also Yoruba land and Nigeria as a whole. With initiatives like the JAWII Farm, Bead4Change program, and upcoming JAWII TV and podcast, we are committed to empowering individuals, preserving cultural heritage, and building a prosperous future for Yoruba people and their economy.

Donate to the JAWII conservation farm and make a difference today! Your generous donation will go towards providing education and sustenance to the underprivileged in Nigeria. Your support will help us to build and maintain a safe and sustainable environment for the elderly and children living on the farm. Your donation will also help us create and promote the traditional craft of Olubori beads, making it an economically viable source of income for the families involved. With your support, we can ensure a secure future for the people living on the farm. Thank you for your donation. 

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