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Rhythm Keepers

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Olori JeJe
July 2, 2023 · changed the group description.

Rhythm Keepers is a vibrant community dedicated to preserving the rich drumming traditions of Yoruba culture. As a member of this group, you can connect with skilled drummers, collaborate on projects, and learn from experienced practitioners.

First Steps: When joining Rhythm Keepers, introduce yourself in a post by sharing your name, occupation (drummer), and the number of years you have been honing your craft. Include your contact information and social media links to facilitate easy communication and showcase your work. Remember to share your post within the group and across your other social media platforms to maximize visibility and attract potential collaborators. By sharing the post widely, we can grow our community and reach more enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

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    Rhythm Keepers is a vibrant community dedicated to preservin...

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