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Yoruba Poetry Society

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Olori JeJe
July 2, 2023 · changed the group description.

Yoruba Poetry Society is a vibrant community of poets passionate about preserving and celebrating Yoruba poetry and literary traditions. Join this group to connect with fellow poets, explore your creativity, and share your work with a supportive audience.

First Steps: To get started in the Yoruba Poetry Society, craft an introductory post introducing yourself as a poet. Mention your name, occupation (poet), and the duration you have been practicing your craft. Include your contact information and social media links to make it easier for others to engage with your poetry. Emphasize the significance of sharing your post within the group and across your other social media platforms to expand our reach and connect with a wider audience. By amplifying our voices, we can collectively preserve and promote the beauty of Yoruba poetry.

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    Yoruba Poetry Society is a vibrant community of poets passio...

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