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Oluborii Beads 

Welcome to the transformative world of Oluborii beads, meticulously handcrafted using the finest elastic and glass beads. Derived from the Yoruba language, "Oluborii" embodies the essence of an individual who sacrifices for their own prosperity and destiny. With its roots in "ori" meaning inner head or "destiny" in Yoruba, Oluborii beads are intentionally designed to establish a profound connection with your highest self and the powerful energies of the Yoruba Orisa.

Versatile and adaptable, these exquisite beads can be comfortably worn around your waist, wrists, ankles, or neck, allowing you to carry their transformative energy wherever you go. Each strand is thoughtfully created to manifest various intentions, empowering you to channel your desires and unlock your inner potential.

For those seeking healing and balance within the womb chakra, Oluborii beads are specifically worn around the waist. This sacred practice nurtures a deep connection with feminine energy and promotes holistic well-being. As a sign of respect to the Orisa, it is advisable not to wear the beads around your waist during your menstrual cycle.

Embrace the beauty and wisdom encapsulated within Yoruba beads. Let the enchanting allure of Oluborii beads guide you on a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and inner radiance. Experience the harmonious blend of tradition, spirituality, and personal transformation. Explore the profound beauty from within and adorn yourself with Oluborii beads today.