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  • Ada

    Ada Ada - Igbo means - first daughter


    Tie on gold mixed African Beads for your waist.

    Adorn Yourself with Ada Ada Beads and Embrace the Journey of Self-Love! Your Purchase Empowers Education and Healing in Osun State.

    Ada Ada beads combine the elegance of gold with vibrant colors, representing the celebration of life and self-love. Wearing Ada Ada beads serves as a reminder to embrace your body and appreciate its unique beauty, irrespective of weight. The beads' movement reflects changes in your body, allowing you to tune into your physical well-being beyond what the scale shows. Your purchase of Ada Ada beads directly contributes to the construction of a free community farm school and health center in Osun state, fostering a sense of unity and cultural preservation.

    What are you waiting for? Get yours now before stock runs out!

    • Features and Details

      • Waistbeads are an immediate mood enhancer when u put them on u fall in love with your body like never before and over and over again when u look at them.
      • They help encourage you to keep going no matter what your fitness goals are. And when it comes to no-scale victories, the first step should be waistbeads.
      • Stylish Comfort. Easily attach our waist beads to your waistline and enjoy comfort and style like no other. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit or none at all.
      • Completely Handmade. Our waist beads are carefully handmade to perfection to guarantee that each bead is of high quality and ensures 100% customer satisfaction.
      • Durable. It is made from 100% premium quality glass beads that last for years to come! So if you’re looking for a high quality, product to add to or begin your collection, look no further, our Waist Beads is exactly what you’re looking for.
    • Colors description

      Choose from three color options:

      Green symbolizes fertility and abundance

      cream represents purity and healing

      Red signifies passion and vitality.

    • In the package

      ⭐️50 inches of 12/0 seed beads

      ⭐️65 inches of cotton thread layered 7 times for durability


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