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  • Akin

    Akin -Yoruba-courageous

    Tie on glow in the dark African Beads for your waist.

    Illuminate Your Path to Wellness with Akin Beads! Choose Your Color and Help Us Build a Village of Hope in Osun State.

    Akin beads feature a unique glow in the dark effect, symbolizing the inner strength and resilience within you. Akin beads are a visual reminder of your commitment to your fitness journey or any other commitment they hold you Accountable, while connecting you with your African heritage.

    As you wear Akin beads, the shifting upwards or downwards will indicate changes in your body, providing a tangible measure of progress.

    The purchase of Akin beads supports the construction of a free community farm school and health center in Osun state, empowering like-minded individuals and spreading the healing power of Yoruba culture.


    Get yours now before stock runs out!

    • Color INFO

      Choose from four color options:

      Red represents passion and determination,

      Green signifies growth and harmony,

      Gold represents abundance and prosperity,

      Black symbolizes protection and grounding.

    • In the package

      ⭐️50 inches of 12/0 seed beads

      ⭐️65 inches of cotton thread layered 7 times for durability

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