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Ewa (solid colors)X2
  • Ewa (solid colors)X2

    Ewa in Yoruba "Beautiful"


    A pack of two (2) screw together and wrap around yoruba (Nigerian) waist beads.


    They are made of tiny sand stone beads so beautiful and Iridescent in the sunlight.

    They are multipurpose and can be worn on any part of your body including you neck, wrists, ankles and waist to bring beauty, vibrance, or to connect with your vibes.


    ⭐️ 2mm sand beads,

    ⭐️fishing line

    ⭐️ bronze screw clast.

    ⭐️they are one size fits all and each strand varies from approximately 24'- 28’

    ⭐️there are 2 in each package

    ⭐️the screw clasp works as a closure and also allows you to attach them to each other to create different beautiful patterns and a line as long as your arm and pocket would let you.

    they are waterproof and can be worn for as long as you are comfortable.

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