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  • Isioma

    Isioma -igbo- fortunate

    Tie on crystal colored African Beads for your waist.


    Materials: glass beads and elastic

    Bead size: about 0.3mm

    Total length: comes in different sizes (each is elastic therefore adjustable)Package: 1 string of glass beads 100% Brand New High-Quality elastic strand of beads


      Jeje's waist beads are water-resistant and can be worn for years without taking them off, just be careful to pull them up when you pull your bottoms down. made of glass beads and elastic to keep them from breaking. Each strand is handmade with precision, .

      Waist beads, in general, carry strong Energy and are a beautiful way of setting intentions. Colors also have a great meaning very similar to gemstones such as agate, rose quartz, etc.. 

      They are also a good guide for people who are on a weight loss journey as they help you keep track of inches without stepping on an annoying scale.

      materials glass Beads, elastic

      Waist beads have been worn by women for a very long time.
      They make a woman feel feminine and beautiful.

      Other reasons include;

      • Used as a waist control. They help shrink the waist as well as maintain the figure. If the beads get tighter as you continue using them, you will know you are adding weight. Same case to losing weight if they become more lose fitting.

      • Some women use beads to make them feel sexier.
      • They adorn the beads to make their men happy.
      • The beads are used to make the waist noticeable.
      • they are more intentional being worn as a bunch.

      Waist beads have meaning but this varies from one culture to another.

      Red- Confidence.
      Black- Power.
      White- Purity, light.
      Orange- Self-confidence.
      Purple- Wisdom.
      Blue- Loyalty.
      Yellow- Happiness.
      Green- Abundance, fertility.
      Gold- Good health, wealth.

      options for sizing include

      small l- 26'

      medium -30'

      large - 36'

      Xtra-large - 40' 


      Retail orders will be shipped out within two business days of placing your order.

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